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Culture Overview

Learn about Spanish culture! In English! There will be a quiz after each country's PowerPoint presentation based on the note sheet you fill out in class (lost it? here's another copy! help yourself!) AND class discussion? DISCUSSION??? Yes. You need to come up with a GOOD question during each presentation, research the answer for homework (and for points) and share that information with the class. When you come up with a question, tell the sub what it is and be ready to share the next day. If it's answered during the presentation, sorry but you'll have to come up with a new question!

Miss class? Here are ALL the PowerPoints!!!



Puerto Rico


Mexico Pt 1

Mexico Pt 2

Costa Rica


Tarea 21.3.2017

***voc quiz miércoles***

Answer Key for Saber vs Conocer

Cuaderno pagina 9.9

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